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Seasoned Experts & Networks

Mr Geoff Mak, founder of Wealton Limited, has 20+ years of marketing & sales experience in Asia, including direct retail operations management of over 100 stores in mainland China.  He has a wealth of knowledge. He held senior management positions at General Manager and Board of Director level for a number of international brands including Grupo Cortefiel, Folli Follie, Trussardi, Bossini and melissa shoes.


In his professional career, he led various campaigns including company restructure and turnaround, rebranding, and professionalizing retail operations.


Mr Mak has direct access to 100+ landlords, department stores & distributors across China, HK, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia.  He also has direct operating experience with top eCommerce platforms in China, and Asia.


Mr Mak has successfully launched brands in China, and in other markets including Russia, Korea, and South America.

Mr Mak's team are well known experts and companies with over 20 years of experience in the field of Marketing, Finance & Logistics.

Helping brands and people to realize their potentials 

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